Creating What We Will Become (Marshall McLuhan Reaction)

14 May

Marshall McLuhan is a visionary. A visionary who is channeling the future of the ongoing collision between human and tech. The job that this work attempts, is to tackle a lack of understanding or recognition that is prevalent in society. He postulates that much of our history is misunderstood by actively seeking to correct the readers view of it. His broad strokes and belief in the reception of this piece paint him as an idealist. I would attribute the success of this manifesto to this observation. If we are to take the reigns, contemplate, and manipulate the alterations that will be made to ourselves and our society, then shouldn’t we also take up the outlook of an idealist?

It is apparent from the intro that McLuhan believes the change that are taking place are of exceptional importance. By referencing the greatest advances in human history, the stage is set for this argument on a large scale. He also labors here to present each idea with a logical sequence of proof. A strong leap could lead to rejection from any cautiously minded audience. The time spent on re-understanding fundamental aspects of previous human events reveals the value of our role.

In the first chapter, McLuhan focuses on a different view of the items that change our lifestyle. The role of media is explained here closely with an emphasis on the medium’s separation from the “content”  that we embue it with. These items, or extensions of ourselves, are often looked at as destroying what was in our lives before being replaced. He states their necessity and determines that it is change as opposed demolition. The focus/scrutiny on our manifestation of the merit of these mediums and media reiterates his concerns for the quality of our reactions.

Marshall McLuhan makes some incredible intellectual deductions in this selection. The philosophy he presents through this writing is inundated with benefits. Reaching out like this, with the confidence in the readers to grasp and react, truly can make a difference.



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